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Come try our new Indoor Golf Bay!

Gofl Bay.jpg

Indoor Golf

  • HUGE 17ft screen!

  • Play on any of 100+ courses

  • Accommodates 1-4 people

  • Plan for 1 hour per round per person

  • Or just practice your swing with in-depth shot analysis

  • Multiple game modes 

  • Bring your own clubs or use ours

  • Private Room for you and your party

  • Choose your own music or put a game on TV while you play!


Our Golf bay uses TruGolf's new APOGEE launch monitor, one of the most accurate and technologically advanced monitors available today.  This overhead voice activated system gathers data for each swing using a stereoscopic camera system and swing analysis that displays each shot's trajectory without any lag or delay,  You can also improve your game with instant shot analysis including ball speed, back spin, side spin, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch direction, club head speed, club path, and a slow motion recording of your club head and contact for every shot.   

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